Sunday, June 19, 2011

Myriam Fares

Myriam was born in Kafar Shlal, a small village in Southern Lebanon, near Kafarhata village, 5 miles east of Saida. Since her childhood, Myriam has been devoted and dedicated to arts which encouraged her to develop her talents and interests. She started learning classic ballet at the age of five which impelled her to develop her musical talents. She had a profound feeling of becoming a professional dancer which was accomplished at the age of nine when she was accepted in a TV program "Al Mawaheb Al Saghira" on Tele Liban and was awarded the first prize in oriental dancing.As a brilliant student in arts, Myriam was encouraged by her impressed teachers to participate in the schools' events which were a motive to improve her dancing, singing and acting skills.Inspired by her angelic strong voice, Myriam wanted to explore her talents further in singing. She joined the Lebanese National Conservatory and succeeded in learning the principles of oriental singing for four years.At age 21,she launched her first album with Music Master Records which was sold out in a few days. She filmed the song "Ana wil Shoq" with director Ghassan Koteit, which proved to be a major success and it spread throughout the Arab world and was played on all Arab televisions. This was a turning point in Myriam's career. Afterwards Myriam proceeded to UAE to sign her first album at Virgin Mega Store in Dubai on the ninth of March where she was received by a crowd of Arab and international reporters to express their admiration of her art and music.Myriam's next hit was the shooting of "La Tes'alni" video clip with director Selim Turk from her album "Myriam". It was a big hit as well especially that her audience were waiting for the new clip after her success in he first clip "Ana Wil Shoq". "La Tis'alni" impressed he eager audience from the first time where Myriam proved to enjoy the main characteristics of a professional artist, by having a wonderfully balanced voice, a talent in body expressions and capable in performing her role naturally in a perfect way coming from the heart.
At age 21,she launched her first album withMyriam's third and latest album "Bet'oul Eh”, was released in April 2008, and has been doing great in the charts within all the Arab World . The album has a mixture of music genres that are creatively put together to satisfy all listeners, especially her fans. The album consists of 9 songs one is "Mouch Ananiya" which is definitely guaranteed to please listeners who prefer romantic ballads. The music video successfully shows Myriam’s surprising acting skills, and the video was executed under the direction of Leila Kanaan.
Two other songs of the Album "Bet'oul Eh” which are: “Betrouh & Iyyam EL Shiti “ were shot as music videos in Paris incarnating a very special cinematographic idea under the direction of Wissam SmayaraIn her constant thrive to perfect her stage performance and dancing abilities, Myriam hooked up with Paulette Minott the renowned street pop choreographer of superstars, for her newest music video: “Eh yalli Byohsal”. Directed by Yehya Saadeh, Myriam’s last clip presented her outstanding performance as never seen before dancing as never seen before.
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