Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ricky Martin Going Marry with His Boy Friend

"Ricky Martin Going Marry with His Boy Friend", when u listen this tittle maybe it's look strange, Ricky Martin are marry with his boy friend, not girl friend. Ricky Martin was giving statement, about the news who say that he is a Gay, he say that it's the fact, and he say that he is a gay and in few months later wanna going to marry with his boy friend, but until now he not told to media who's his boy friend, in this page you can find Ricky Martin Gallery also his pics with his boy friend, lets enjoy this page . . . .
Ricky Martin Black And White Potoh
Ricky Martin Tattoos
Ricky Martin with His Boy Friend at the Beach
Ricky announced on The Oprah Winfrey Show that he is in a relationship though he has chosen to shield his boyfriend from the spotlight, believing that he might find the attention "overwhelming". Ricky has also expressed support for same-sex marriage in an interview on Larry King Live, and commented on his experience of being closeted and coming out. "Everything about saying [that I am gay] feels right...", Martin stated, adding "if I’d know how good it was going to feel, I would have done it ten years ago."
Ricky Martin Great Pose

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