Thursday, July 28, 2011

Cesc Fabregas Girlfriend

Young Gunner Febregas is a super Midfield player, Frankly by far the best youngster who controls the strings from the midfield, but off field he is as good as any body and he has a partner in his girlfriend Named Carla Cutie who is a spanish national.

They have been dating for quite a long time, and i expect them to tie the knott in near future as he would want to settle down abit. Here are some more pics of the couple enjoying a day out in the summer.
And he's super cute with his girlfriend, Carla.
They've been together for years. I like her. She's not a model or a celebrity, and she doesn't 'need to be in the spotlight' like so many other 'famous' people's girlfriends. In an interview, Cesc describes her as "quiet, relaxed, and intelligent.
" You can tell a lot about a man by the woman he chooses to date. His good choice in a woman gave him huge brownie points for me.
It helps that he's easy on the eyes.... he actually looks a lot like my brother... both studs ^_^
Cesc Fabregas Girlfriend

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