Wednesday, July 27, 2011

INFINITE - Over The Top

so much spazz in my system idk if i can do this X_X..but i will try~~ okay lets get started now >_< OVER THE TOP – I’ve never said this before but all the Intro’s in Infinite’s albums are just so legit! like seriously i can’t even explain how much i love their intros! i’ve never loved intros in this way before! i love that they put the effort into their intros and make them as amazing as they are! ^^ I’m telling you guys! don’t just scroll past this! take some time to hear it, its only about 50 seconds i think but its definitely not a waste of your time!

Be Mine – I didn’t spazz over this song much yet, because i was too distracted by the MV and Woohyun rubbing his chest and fjafgdfgjdfgdaf!!! see! there i go again! I CAN’T LIVE ANYMORE WITH THESE GUYS! ;AAAAAAAAA; okay! okay!! the song! I really really love this song!! Its really catchy and the vocals, as always are beautiful! i’m really glad they gave Sungjong more parts in the song because i really love his husky voice a lot <3 now they just need to give Sungyeol some more parts. The rapping was great! Hoya and Dongwoo are probably now my favorite rapping duo ever! they work really well with each other~ The lyrics of this song are just beautiful! ^^ It makes me feel, kind of protected~ This song definitely lives up to being a title song and its probably my favorite song in the whole album. 3분의1 - I wasn’t really sure i liked this song the first time i heard it, but after a few more times, its a pretty good song~ I think this song is really different, and i’m probably not used to it but its definitely growing on me, and Sunggyu’s voice definitely helps with the process ^^ But my favorite part of the song has to be Dongwoo’s rap~ I just love the way he raps! it flows so well and it sounds so effortless and really good to the ears~ Idk if this is just me but this song sort of reminds of some of SHINee’s songs at some parts >_< Tic Toc – This one of my favorite songs in the album, mostly for the chorus! i really really really love the chorus of this song! Also this is an upbeat song, but it also has the feel of a ballad and i love songs like that! ^^ Infinite does a lot of songs like that~ But a big part of why i like Infinite’s songs so much has to be because of their voices, i believe that every member in Infinite has a really good voice and sing really well, and the thing about them is that they just work so well with each other that it makes all the songs they sing really nice to hear~ Also the amount of high notes that Woohyun and Sunggyu can hit is just dfjhadjfahdjhadgjd. Julia – Lol i will never understand k-pop groups and their random songs named after random girls XD, but this song is really nice, minus the start of the song which is just kind of meh, the chorus is ajkdfhajf because they go reallllllyy high~ Like i said, the amount of high notes that they’re capable of is just crazy, and they’re boys XD. But yeah, overall, this is a really sweet song~ ^^

Because (Sunggyu solo) – I WAS SOOOOO HOPING HE WOULD SING A BALLAD T_______T. But i guess this is okay because his voice is still fjdgfjdhgdjgh and it kills me every time i hear it! There is a good amount of english in this song, his pronunciation isn’t half bad~ I still wish he would have done a ballad but oh well~ >_< But I still love this song a lot~ I would really love to hear this song live one day~ ^^ mostly because i just love the faces Gyu makes while singing~ But you guys should definitely give this one a listen. 시간아 (Woohyun Solo) – YESS!! ASHASDKJ A BALLAD!! WOOHYUN YOU LISTENED TO ME!! :D I LOVE THIS SONG SFM!!! His voice in this is so beautiful! it melts my heart and just ajfhdghd I’m a sucker for ballads by Sunggyu or Woohyun just because i could listen to their beautiful voices all day~ The song itself is a good song, its basically a typical ballad, but what makes it special is the person singing it~ *_* GOD I COULD LISTEN TO HIM SING ALL DAY~ But also what i really like are the lyrics~ Another song i want to hear live! I would probably die 429293975 times in the process but it would be worth it!

Amazing – OKAY SECOND FAVORITE SONG IN THE ALBUM!!! OMG where do i even start with this?! Its SUCH A CUTE SONG I JUST CAN’T!!! EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS SONG IS JUST SO MUCH LOVE!! I fell in love with this the second it started! I think this kind of song really suits Infinite the best ^^ AND CAN I JUST DJHADJGHDFG OVER SUNGGYU’S VOICE AGAIN?!?! i don’t know how to put in words how much i love that guy’s voice! I COULD EXPLODE! The chorus of this song is super cute! I don’t even know what to say about this song except that i just love it! Even if you don’t listen to any other song in the album, listen to this one! its AMAZING~~~ ^^
Crying (Hoya & Dongwoo feat. Baby soul) – Another one of my favorites in the album~ this song reminds me so much of Epik High’s songs, its nice to see Infinite following in their Sunbaes’ footsteps. I’m glad they gave Hoya and Dongwoo a song. I really can’t get enough of their rapping~ they’re really good rappers and it always gives me a really warm feeling all over my body when they rap, and its really pleasant to hear. But besides their awesome rapping, this is a really good song, i always loved it when Epik High did these types of songs and this one is no exception. I really hope they make more songs like these~ Either that or Epik High makes a comeback T_T. Its one of those songs you want to hear when you’re going to sleep~ ^^ really makes you feel calm and at peace.

Real Story – This song is special! lol, because it has a lot of Myungsoo’s vocals~ I like that they used him for the chorus~ ^^ its a refreshing change hearing his unique voice for the majority of a song. Tbh i didn’t like this song at first, but its been growing on me~ Its a pretty normal song i would say, but as usual what makes it appealing to me is how they sing it. Infinite has an ability to make any regular song sound amazing with their amazing and clean vocals~
Overall this was a change from Infinite’s usual style and what we’ve heard from them so far, i think it works well with their new image~ I really love this album and i hope that they have great success with it! So everyone please support out boys and buy their album HERE! ^^

INFINITE - Over The Top

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