Saturday, July 16, 2011

Teppei Koike

Teppei Koike Koike Teppei?, born January 5, 1986) is an actor and singer from Japan. He was born in Ōsakasayama, Osaka Prefecture. He belongs to the production company Burning Productions and is a member of the singer-songwriter duo WaT with his partner, Eiji Wentz.

Teppei calls Wentz "Ei-chan".

They have spent Christmas together ever since they met. (The first year, they took purikura in Shinjuku; the second year, they ran a marathon for their Indies debut PV; the third year, they ate at a hamburger shop; the fourth year was a WaT event and Love*Com photo shoot)

In "Bokura no Ibasho" (a manga based on Teppei's life story), Teppei said the only thing he had in common with Wentz was their love of music.
Other than that, they are complete opposites. ("If we were in the same class or something, I definitely think we wouldn't be friends." - quote from "Bokura no Ibasho")
Teppei Koike
Personal profile

His immediate family consists of his father, mother, and a younger brother.
The name "Teppei" came from his father's favourite manga, Ore wa Teppei.
His cousin, Kyomoto Taiga, is a member of Johnny's Junior.
Eiji Wentz

He is really good friends with Eiji Wentz. They often visit each others' houses, watch movies and go out to eat together. When they were doing street lives, they often borrowed each others' clothes.

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