Saturday, July 2, 2011

Zayn Malik

Zain Malik (born January 12, 1993) is a British singer and member of the boy band One Direction. Zain Malik (sometimes spelled Zayn) and his bandmates were contestants on the fall 2010 season of 'X Factor. Find more Zain Malik pictures, news and information below.

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Is zain malik a christian or a muslim?
Is zain malik a muslim?
Is zain malik father a muslim?
No. Zain Malik took after his mums christianity even though his dad is a muslim. Zain said he missed out on going to church on sundays and he wears christian jewellry.
Is zain maliks mum english muslim?
yeah , zayn malik is mixed raced , his mother is english and his father is a pakistani . but his mum converted into islam , so basically he is a muslim . =)
Is zain malik of x factor Muslim?
Zayn* is a muslim, hes said it himself, his dad is a muslim and his mum has converted to it too.

Does zain malik belong to a religion?
yes he is a proud muslim
Is zain malik from bradford?
yes he does
Where is Zain Malik from?
Helsinki, Finland
Is zain malik a muslim?
Does zain malik have a girlfriend?
Yes, Geneva Lane From Belle Amie, shes gorgeous and really nice to her fans : )

Zayn Malik Magazine
Zayn Malik on Coat
Zayn Malik Unique Hayr Style
Zayn Malik has Sharped Eyes
During the bootcamp rounds of "The X Factor" (2004) in 2010, Malik was noted for disappearing during the dance routine as he felt nervous and uncomfortable about dancing in front of people, as he said he "can't dance". Simon Cowell found him sitting backstage and convinced him to participate anyway because if he didn't he'd be ruining the opportunity for himself. Returning to the dance routine proved to be a good move as he was later put into boy band One Direction.
Zayn Malik Looks so Cute
Zayn Malik with his puppy Boris

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