Friday, August 19, 2011

Daniel Radcliffe Girlfriend: Rosanne Coker

The actor was spotted in New York City on Tuesday, holding the hand of a woman . a sight that will mean heartache for his millions of female admirers. they is Daniel Radcliffe and his girlfriend Rosanne Coker. they has been dating Radcliffe since last year with Rosanne Coker, she the lucky girl who can getting his heart....

She first met Radcliffe when she worked as a production assistant on Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince in 2007.In total they have worked on four films together, including the last three Harry Potter projects and The Woman In Black, the new Hammer movie which is due for release next year.

Rosanne age 22-year is a painter very clever,decorator daughter and She was just a really nice person.Since they started dating, Rosanne has split her time between her family’s home in Surrey, England and Radcliffe’s apartment in New what you think they match couple or not????

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