Sunday, September 11, 2011

NEWS!!! Taylor Lautner Dating with Lily Collins

Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins Dating, and them is a new Couple... Taulor not just smart to be an actor, he also smart makes beautiful woman to be her lover. by Taylor, Lily is so funny, silly , always open and he has not changed at all from the first time Taylor met him. That's probably the most create taylor impressed by lily. Sources are reporting that Taylor is dating fellow actor Lily Collins, and them dating about 4 months. Taylor and Lily are co-starring in the upcoming action thriller, Abduction, and they’ve been getting quite cozy on-set. in this post we can look Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins Pictures...^_^
Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins Dating
Lily Collins Looks so Beautiful
Taylor Lautner Very Handsome
Lily Collins so Sexy and Hot
Taylor Lautner Has Sharped Eyes
Taylor Lautner and Lily Collins is a new Couple

Taylor Lautner Dating Abduction Co-Star Lily Collins?

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