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Justin Bieber - Never Say Never 3D

There’s only 8 days left (count ‘em, EIGHT!) until we get to see Justin Bieber up close and in 3D (thank you, modern technology), when Never Say Never hits theaters. But if you can’t wait until then, Beliebers, we have an EXCLUSIVE clip from the movie to hold you over that you can watch RIGHT NOW. Over and over again. All day. We won’t tell. (Oh and we also took tons of stills from the movie. You’re welcome.)
With his debut movie Never Say Never 3D coming on February 11th, Justin Bieber has another surprise for his fans, a remix album of 7 tracks – Never Say Never – The Remixes – is expected in music stores on Valentine’s Day, February 14th.
For the new record, Justin Bieber has teamed up with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Kanye West, Rascal Flatts, Chris Brown, Usher and The Karate Kid star Jaden Smith. The only song without a guest star is ‘Born To Be Somebody’ performed solely by Justin.
Tracklisting of Justin Bieber’s Never Say Never – The Remixes
1. ‘Never Say Never’ ft. Jaden Smith
2. ‘That Should Be Me’ remix ft. Rascal Flatts
3. ‘Somebody to Love’ remix ft. Usher
4. ‘Up’ remix ft. Chris Brown
5. ‘Overboard’ live ft. Miley Cyrus
6. ‘Runaway Love’ Kanye West remix ft. Raekwon
7. ‘Born to Be Somebody’

In related news, Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun and producer Sean Garrett have recently revealed that Justin Bieber is working on a new album that will “segue him into young adulthood” and present his music to a new category of fans aged 22-23 years old.
The film follows the pop star Justin Bieber during 10 days counting down to what is considered his most prestigious performance, that of August 31, 2010 in Madison Square Garden, sold out in 22 minutes. It shows footage of the performances during this period from his My World Tour. It shows excited female fans (mostly young), and several instances of the One Less Lonely Girl routine of inviting a girl on stage to be the object of his affection, and of surprising random girls with free tickets to his concerts. The main people around Bieber, being like family and good friends to him, are interviewed, but Bieber himself is not. Various instances of praying together before a show are shown.
The film also includes a visit Bieber made to his original home town while being in Canada for the tour. He is scolded for having damaged his voice while he had fun with his old friends. Reluctantly he accepts the postponement of the Syracuse performance. He is not allowed to speak for some days, and thus recovers enough to do the next performance, at MSG.
Also included are some of the story and old videos of Bieber's childhood. He was raised by his mother, but he had also a very special bond with her father, his grandfather. The latter still gets emotional about the time that Bieber and his mother moved to Atlanta.

Justin Bieber
Miley Cyrus
Jaden Smith
Sean Kingston
Snoop Dogg
Boyz II Men
Scooter Braun
L.A. Reid
Jeremy Bieber
Hayden Thompson
Scrappy Stassen
Jay Leno (archive footage)
Chelsea Handler (archive footage)
Pop star Justin Bieber’s 3D documentary Never Say Never should satisfy any die-hard Bieber fan. At the same time, those dragged to come along will not only enjoy themselves, but actually come to appreciate the 16-year old singer and even root for him.
“He’s, like, a regular kid who had a dream and it, like, came true,” says one teenage female fan outside a Justin Bieber concert. And that’s exactly what director Jon Chu strives to show: a young kid from a broken – but loving and stable – home in a tiny town in Canada who is discovered on the internet and through hard work and a good group of people around him, becomes one of the biggest sensations in music.
Coming across like a very expensive VH1′s Behind-the-Music special, what’s key to the documentary is all the early footage of young Justin. Priceless and adorable, this is what will keep his fans coming back for repeat viewings. For the non-believers, it shows that the boy is talented and willing to work hard for his success.
The concert footage – featuring plenty of guest stars such as Usher, Ludacris, Boys II Men and Miley Cyrus, are ostensibly there to add star power, but only reinforce that it is Bieber – and only Bieber – that the fans want. Never is that more prevalent then during the “Lonely Girl” portion of the film where during his concerts, a female fan is pulled on stage to be serenaded by Bieber himself as he sings the ballad, “One Less Lonely Girl.” The attention Bieber showers the ‘chosen one’ and the girls’ overwhelming response to being picked is the film’s biggest ‘feel-good’ moment. Although the whole stage act is designed to make one lucky girl’s day – if not year – Chu makes it an emotional and moving experience that is practically tear inducing.
The other is the appearance of Jayden Smith, son of superstars Will and Jada. As we’re shown Bieber working his entire life towards a music career that is about to culminate in a career-capping, sold-out performance at Madison Square Gardens, we learn that Jayden Smith will be making a guest-appearance on stage to sing with Bieber on that very same night. Furthermore, we’re told that this will be Jayden first-ever life performance, yet he seems so blase about the opportunity.

The film builds up to the most climactic scene – Bieber walking backstage to assume the starting position of his Madison Square Garden show. As the crowd roars, as Bieber takes each step closer to the stage, as he inches towards his big dream, Chu intercuts those final moments with lightening-quick footage of Bieber’s childhood home videos, creating “Sixth Sense” moments to remind viewers of the journey that has led Bieber this very spot. Sure it’s manipulative, but it makes you cheer for the kid anyway. After all, he’s got the goods, he’s got the chops and gosh darn it, you want to see him achieve those dreams.

Justin Bieber - Never Say Never 3D (Official Movie Trailer)

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